Terms & Conditions

The guarantee will be applicable in the following situations:

  1. Fan was purchased from a STARCO verified dealer/distributer or directly from STARCO factory.
  2. Guarantee card/bill was properly filled at the time of purchase and has the verification stamp of the dealer/distributer or STARCO (factory).
  3. Other than the Plastic Fans, all other STARCO have a lifetime warranty  from the date of purchase.
  4. Only the motor is guaranteed for one year for plastic fans including exhaust fans and louvre fans.
  5. Guarantee will be claimed only if the motor is burnt and the motor will be replaced after the claim is verified.
  6. The buyer will be responsible for bearing all expenses of sending the fan (motor) for motor replacement to the dealer, distributer or STARCO (factory).

The guarantee will not be applicable in the following situations:

  1. After the purchase, there is no guarantee for the breakage of any part of the fan.
  2. There is no guarantee whatsoever for plastic body or parts.
  3. If the fan is burnt due to water damage guarantee will not be claimed for that.
  4. Guarantee cards which are not filled, partially filled, or the writing is cut off or overwritten will not be accepted.

Starco Electrical Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. will not be responsible in the following conditions:

  1. Malfunction of the fan due to buyer’s neglect, self-repair attempt or an accident.
  2. Any harm caused to the owners as a result of the use of the product.


  • There could be a short circuit, fire hazard in case of incorrect installation of the fan. It is advisable to get the fan installed from a skilled electrician following the printed “Instructions for installation” on the box.
  • Turn of the fan immediately if you feel it is not working properly. Disconnect the wires and get it checked from a skilled electrician.
  • Keep children and people with disabilities away from electrical devices.


  • Any legal action as a result of this guarantee or use of the product can only be carried out in the Gujrat Court.
  • 48” fans are only made on custom order.
  • Dimmer and regulator are not included with the fan.

Be mindful of the AC and DC Connection while Installing the Fan

Following are the instructions for the PCB that is inside the canopy

  • For AC connection with the circuit or PCB, AC 220 V and WAPDA Poll is shown; whereas for DC, a DC 12V sticker and solar panel is shown.
  • The company will not be responsible if the PCB gets defected as a result of incorrect connection.
  • There is a one-time guarantee for the circuit or PCB, if the buyer brings the receipt and the guarantee card.
  • There is no guarantee for any part of the circuit or PCB.
  • Circuit or PCB damaged from water, moisture or dust is not covered in warranty.
  • Fan will only be controlled with the remote. Connecting with dimmer or regulator can damage the PCB or circuit; doing so will render the warranty void.

For your convenience, the boxed PCB has a red connector for DC and a green connector for AC, make the connections accordingly. 

  • To connect the fan with the remote, turn on the fan and keep the Power on/off button on the remote pressed until you hear the beep sound once or twice; remote will be connected with the fan.
  • To put the fan in Starco Energy Saver mode, press the Eco button. The fan will start operating in 30-35 watts. Press the H button to set the hours you want the fan to stay on.
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