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Starco presents an amazing offer for you to replace your old ceiling fan with all new Starco DC Inverter or NEECA approved three-star energy rated fans. Our fans consume less electricity and save your money. You can also avail yourself the option to get it installed at your home.

Investing in a better fan (Starco), will allow you to recover the price in less than a year and keep the electricity cost to the minimum. What are you waiting for?

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Payable: Price – (Weight in kg x Rs 200), Motor and blade only

StarcoFan Type
NormalStarco DC Inverter*
Power95 Watts55 Watts (Normal mode)38 Watts (Eco Mode)
Avg. use per day18 Hours18 Hours18 Hours
Annual bill**Rs. 8,465Rs. 4,900Rs. 3,386
Annual savings with StarcoRs. 3,565Rs. 5,079
* Starco DC inverter fans consume as less as 5 Watts.
**Annual bill includes almost 9 months of summer.

Deluxe Saver

Glory Inverter

Glory Inverter

DC Inverter (Eco mode with RF remote)

Discounted Price: Rs 4,525

Size: 56″ (1400 mm)

Sapphire Inverter

Sapphire Inverter

DC Inverter (Eco mode with RF remote)

Discounted Price: Rs 4,650

Size: 56″ (1400 mm)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the fan have any warranty?

 Yes, all of our products have two years of brand warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty is only applicable to the fan motor.

Do these fans have copper winding?

 Yes, all our products are made up of pure copper wire. We do not use China Copper (CC) or silver winding. 

Is Starco NEECA approved?

National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA) is a Pakistan energy regulation body that introduced a three-star energy efficiency standard for fans that consume less power than conventional fans.

In 2016, Starco became Pakistan’s first fan manufacturer to get a three-star rating by NEECA.

Does the PCBA have a separate warranty from the fan itself?

The PCBA is used in DC inverter fans and it has one year of brand warranty.

Please note that warranty won’t be claimed in case of any damage done to the PCBA due to incorrect installation, contact with water, or running on the voltage higher than the specified.

Is a DC Inverter fan different from a conventional fan? How does it work?

DC Inverter technology has altogether a different working mechanism. It uses the Bush Less Direct Current (BLDC) motor. Powered by a high-power factor PCBA, the DC Inverter fan runs better than a conventional fan and consumes very little power than any other fan in the market.

What is type of remote that comes with the fan?

The DC Inverter fan that we are specifically offering for the replacement campaign comes with a Radio Frequency (RF) remote control.

 Key features of RF remote include:

  • Long-range
  • ECO Mode
  • Smart Mode
  • Child Lock
  • 6-Speed Control
  • Easy Pairing
  • Timer
In which city I can avail the offer?

The offer is currently available in Lahore.

How to place an order?

Simply fill in the form that is given above, our customer service representative will get in contact with you for order confirmation.

 You can also contact us on WhatsApp at +92 31 111 73475

What are the delivery charges?

The delivery charges per fan are Rs. 300, however, if the total delivery charges exceed Rs. 1000, You’ll be only charged Rs. 1000 for the delivery.

Note: The delivery charges do not include installation.

Do you provide installation service?

Yes, we are offering installation. Installation charges will be Rs. 300 per fan.

How much discount I can get?

We are giving the fans at highly discounted prices for the replacement offer but, you’ll get an additional discount if you avail the option to replace your old ceiling fan.

The price of your old fan (Rs. 200 per kg) will be deducted from our offered price. The price of the old fan will be evaluated by weighing the motor and blades.

Can I still get a fan without replacing my already installed fan?

Yes, you can definitely get a new fan as a part of this campaign by paying Rs. 500 extra on top of the fan price.

From where in Lahore can I self pickup?

You can self-pick up your order at the given address: 

Barkat Trading Company
13 km, Multan Road, Lahore

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