Sapphire Inverter



Sapphire DC inverter fan is our hot selling product. Keeping the importance of an efficient consumer-friendly product in mind we have used the best quality materials such as electrical steel sheets, pure copper wire for winding, and aluminum for blades. All these materials are composed together to bring harmony to the design and performance. It is a 56-inch ceiling fan that works on both AC and DC current and uses very less power compared to any conventional fan.

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Sapphire DC inverter fan comes with a Radio Frequency (RF) remote that allows users to control the fan from a longer range along with additional features such as easy pairing, smart mode, eco mode, child lock, and timer control just on the tip of your finger. Technical Details

  • Input voltage: 220V (AC) / 12V (DC)
  • Power: 38-55 watts (38 watts on Eco-Mode)
  • Wing Span/Size: 56″
  • Winding: Copper (100%)
  • Net weight: ~5.7 kg

Packaging Details

  • Box 1:
    1. 1x Sapphire inverter ceiling fan motor
    2. 1x Standard hanging rod
    3. 2x Canopies
    4. 1x PCBA (enclosed in U-shaped box)
    5. 1x RF Remote
  • Box 2:
    1. 1 set of 3 blades

Delivery options

  • Express Delivery (Cash on Delivery)
  • Free Shipping (Overland)

Payment options

  • Cash on Delivery
  • IBFT

Warranty All fans have a lifetime brand warranty. PCBA has a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. (Terms & Conditions apply.)

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